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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Review] Immaculate Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


What do you do when your daughter's birthday is coming up and she informs you that one of her fellow classmates cannot have gluten? Freak out, as I did? Well, luckily I knew what to do, only through experience. You see, I made these cookies once before with totally incredible results for a bake sale that benefited my favorite organization, Spay it Forward, NFP

So as my daughter tells me that her classmate gets to eat some cookies from a box as everyone else indulges in delicious cupcake goodness. I decide that I would make a special treat, because if you are going to have cookies, why not have some delicious, ooey, gooey cookies instead of some boxed cookies.

At the store, I head over to the corner, where the gluten free, refrigerated doughs are kept. Initially I purposed making enough cookies for the entire classroom, but the store only had two packages of dough, which would not have been enough (both for the class and for myself to snack on). I pick this brand up instead of the better known brand which is in a tub. You see, I am all for simple, so even just scooping out dough seems tedious to me. The fact that the Immaculate Baking Chocolate Chunk cookie dough is already available and all I need to do is set it on a baking sheet and pop it into the oven is much more appealing!

I am not sure as to why, but as my oven was preheating, I noticed a recommendation on the package to smoosh the cookie dough balls down. The first time that I prepared these cookies, I didn't do that,
so I figured this time, I would try it out. The results? A perfectly baked, but flat cookie, nicely browned. The brown color scared me at first, especially since when you bake cookies normally, the brown colored cookie often equals a hard, crunchy cookie.

Now I don't know about you, but I am not a hard, crunchy cookie fan. I prefer to serve cookies that are soft and gooey. So as the cookies were sitting on the cookie sheet for the 5 minutes as recommended on the package, I felt defeated. I had a diaper change and a hungry baby to tend to, so my cookies ended up sitting a lot longer than five minutes, but as soon as I was done, I scurried over to the cookie sheet and scooped up a cookie for myself and bit into it... The fear, the defeat, it was all negated and left behind, as biting into that cookie led to quite an unexpected surprise. The cookies were soft and oh so gooey. I was dumbfounded, and while I was pleased with my new find, I knew that there was still more testing to be done. 

The final test? The approval of my fiance. He often is not one who enjoys or even appreciates anything green, all-natural, organic, you know, things along those lines. To him, it is all just a fad (although he does understand people need to follow specific diet restrictions due to medical conditions). So he came back home and tried a cookie. So there I sat, staring at him, waiting for his comments, the good, bad, or otherwise.

And the verdict you ask? Well, he had another cookie, and another, and another.

Overall, I would recommend these cookies to anyone, whether it be to address a gluten-free need or just to consume because cookies are delicious. When it comes to gluten free food, I don't know much about it as it is not something that we follow in our home. But I will tell you, these cookies were beyond delicious!!!


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