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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brides, Beware: (not so) Happily Ever After - David's Bridal Disaster

Disclaimer: This is my story regarding my personal treatment and experiences at David's Bridal. All I can do is comment on my experiences and feelings regarding the company. Feel free to research David's Bridal further via Google. You can read and find several reviews via Facebook, Twitter, and other review pages. Feel free to share my story.

Wedding planning, a time when women experience a wide range of emotions. From happiness, to anger, anxiety, and a little of everything else in between. One of the crowning moments of wedding planning though, is dress shopping. The experience should be magical, emotional, and as stress-free as possible, right?

Well, that is what I thought. You see, my experience had been magical, but that was until I took my dress into David's Bridal to be altered.