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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brides, Beware: (not so) Happily Ever After - David's Bridal Disaster

Disclaimer: This is my story regarding my personal treatment and experiences at David's Bridal. All I can do is comment on my experiences and feelings regarding the company. Feel free to research David's Bridal further via Google. You can read and find several reviews via Facebook, Twitter, and other review pages. Feel free to share my story.

Wedding planning, a time when women experience a wide range of emotions. From happiness, to anger, anxiety, and a little of everything else in between. One of the crowning moments of wedding planning though, is dress shopping. The experience should be magical, emotional, and as stress-free as possible, right?

Well, that is what I thought. You see, my experience had been magical, but that was until I took my dress into David's Bridal to be altered.

I purchased my dress from David's Bridal back in February of 2013. I was pregnant, but it was a gorgeous Vera Wang ball gown that I had to have. I loved everything about the dress. I imagined myself getting married in this dress, walking down the aisle as beautiful as could be. I saw myself standing by the side of the man that I love more than anything and him being totally blown away by me in my dress. I loved my dress.

Now, let us fast forward to January of 2014 when I made my first fitting appointment for March 27th. I was so excited and could not wait to try on my dress, as it had been sitting in the box that it was sent in for a year already. I knew I still had weight to lose and it was my goal to get into that dress. I had joined a gym local to me, enrolled in the Biggest Loser class, and was determined to get into shape. You know the saying, "sweating for the wedding."

The months came and went. March signified the end of the Biggest Loser class at the gym. I lost 12lbs (gym scale) and my measurements decreased a lot from what they were when I started back in January. On March 3rd, I pulled my gown out of the box for the first time to try it on:

It fit. We were not able to zip it up (obviously), but I was able to pull the dress up over my hips. That is the biggest hurdle there is, right? As I stated in my Facebook post, it would've zipped, but he was just too scared (understandably).

I continued on at the gym. March 27th came...I had my first dress fitting at David's Bridal. I was now doing a class called "The Contender" which was a heavy, cardio, boxing-based class. We are weighed weekly and it is tracked.


I was greeted at the David's Bridal Orland Park store by a wonderful gentleman who works there. He was quite pleasant and very helpful. He took my boxed dress and walked me back to the alterations department. He alerted the women there of my presence. I did state that I needed to find a bra for my dress, as I was willing to purchase one because I did need it with my dress. I stated to the person handling me at David's Bridal that I was unsure of my size since I have lost weight and of course, as you lose weight, you lose it in the boobs as well. I stated my regular size and the David's Bridal store did not carry it, so they brought me a different size, one size up, one cup size smaller (as I believe that is the standard rule).

I was told to go into the dressing room and try on my dress.

20 minutes later, I was still trying to figure out how to put on my bra, as if you have tried on a wedding bra, they aren't your regular 3-4 hook ones. It went all the way down with like a bazillion hooks to attempt to hook up. I had to hold my boobs in (as they were hanging out because the bra wasn't done and did not fit me properly, and walk over to the women chatting away in the alterations room, and ask for help.

The woman came back, helped me with my dress, and then we discussed alterations. I was told that the dress fit, but it did need to be converted to a corset back, which would replace the zipper. This would fix the fitting issue (since it would not zip up completely). At the next planned fitting, we would discuss adding a bustle or hemming the dress if need be.

I restated to the woman who was assisting me at David's Bridal, what our plans were, which was add a corset and ake the dress in some (as it was too big). She said "Yes, that is the plan" I restated then that we would address bustles and such at the next fitting, to which she stated yes. She took my dress, advised me to get dressed, and meet her back in the alterations room.

I did as she asked, feeling confident since my dress went on easier then when I tried it on March 3rd. Additionally, I also was feeling better because the projected alterations cost was only $200. Knowing that I was told there would be no additional alterations size wise needed, was wonderful as well.

Prior to my leaving, the seamstress look my measurements, wearing a pair of yoga pants and my Lewis University hoodie. She wrote them down on the paper, of which I received a copy of. I made my next appointment to try on my dress with the corset added on 4/15/14.


Tax day, but I did not expect this day to be as taxing as it was. Seeing as I was unable to find an appropriate bra for my dress around here, I decided to leave a little earlier to get to David's Bridal in Orland Park and then find a bra, get sized, and be done. Well, this did not happen. I was given two bras as once again, my normal size was not available. I was told to try them on and see which fit best. I selected the one that was closet to my regular size and when the consultant came back, she said it "looked like it fit." I asked her about the side boob, as it didn't seem right, and she told me that once my dress was on, it would be fitted, so it would be fine and not to worry.

I threw back on my clothes and went on my way over to alterations. It made no sense, so I decided that I would use that bra for now and then just end up hitting somewhere else in "civilization" to find the right bra. I know that David's Bridal is not in the bra business, but I don't want to look like a damn fool and you need a bra for your dress, so you would think that they would know something.

But alas, once again the trip was made to the alterations room. The woman greeted me, retrieved my dress, and took me into the dressing room. She unsheathed my dress from the David's Bridal dress bag, shut the curtains, and walked away. The first thing I noticed on my dress was an orange pin. The corset back was not even completed finished. The one side had three stitches holding it and the other side was completely unattached and just pinned on there. I removed the pin, placed it on my coat as to not lose it or prick myself, or get it lost in the mammoth dress I had. Time to try on the dress.

And here we go again, I am trying to put on a bra (which took me 5 minutes) and then my dress as well, ALONE. I am sorry, David's Bridal, but I am obviously not as talented as the other customers that you have because I am unable to do this.

But this is where the "fun" started... I tried to put my dress, pulling it up as I did for my first fitting...I could not get it up over my hips. I tried to shimmy, I tried to shake and then, the dreaded ripping sound. My dress ripped.

What in the world happened? How was I able to put my dress on 19 days ago and pull it up with ease over my hips, but now, I could not. After the rip noise, it was on. After about 14 minutes elapsed, the seamstress came over and asked if I needed help. Well, she got my bra unattached from the dress, finished hooking up the bra parts I missed (which were a lot), and then she said to me "you have a rip, your dress doesn't fit."

Que my stomach sinking to my feet and feeling the urge to vomit. I said, I could tell, it wouldn't go over my hips. She said, I know, your hips are too big. This is too small and she kept touching my hips. She tried to do up the corset and said that she couldn't because it was too small.

She turned me around and started looking by the breast part of the dress, telling me that it needed to be taken out.

I explained to her that during my first fitting I was able to pull up my dress over my hips without issue. I told her that I was told that the corset was going to fix the problem of the dress not being able to fit. She said, "but you gained weight, your dress no longer fits, do not worry about what happened at the last fitting."

I stared at her with tears in my eyes absolutely enraged and said, "I did not gain weight, I have lost 8lbs since the last time I was here." She told me that wasn't the case because my dress didn't fit and it was because I gained weight.

I stood there crying, tears streaming. She stood there staring at me. "I'm sorry that you gained weight. We can try to take the dress out, but if we do, since it has been taken in so much, there is no guarantee that it will work and fit." She then looked at the paper and told me that it would cost an additional $400 for alterations to attempt to take the dress out and make it fit, but again, no guarantees.

She walked away, coming back with a tape measure and the clipboard. She measured me with my dress on. She walked away, I stand there still crying. About 4 minutes later, she came back telling me that my hips had grew 6 inches from my last measurement on 4/19. All of my measurements were significantly off from what they were to begin with.

I told her that obviously there is an issue with measurements. She told me that I "gained weight a lot" and that the tape measure doesn't lie.

I told her I know for a fact that I have not gained weight, I have proof that I have not gained weight, and that the measurements are nothing even close to my last weight in / measurement check from the Biggest Loser class. She asked me what I wanted to do. I was hysterical, and she said, "I am sorry, but you have gained weight, I want to help, but you gained too much weight."

I told her that I wanted to get out of this dress and get out of here and that I refused to pay for any alterations for an obvious mistake in measuring. I told her I had proof, but she told me that measurements don't lie.

She asked if she could take my dress and put it back in the bag. Of course. I threw my clothes on, hysterical still, and went to get my dress. She said I needed to sign a paper stating that I was taking my dress. I asked for a copy, which had my measurements on it. She stated that she could not give me a copy of the form.

I took my dress and left, hysterical, with people looking at me. Insanity.

Oh, did I mention that my wedding is on May 31st, 2014...which was 45 days away? Yup, 45 days and I did not have a dress to wear. 


I posted my story on the David's Bridal Facebook page. I received a response. I did receive a call after Tweeting and further posting on Facebook as of 4/16 at about 11am. I spoke with a very courteous and understanding woman who listened to my plight. She asked me the details of my dress, looked it up and said that there were two in stock. I wondered how this was possible, seeing as how the dress has been discontinued. She told me that I would be receive a call back.

I did not receive a call back. After a gracious offer from my sister, she offered to purchase a new dress for me. I debated back and forth, thinking that things would work out with David's Bridal. At about 4pm, I called up the local bridal store, Bridal Elegance, in Ottawa, Illinois, and they let me come in to browse dresses and try them on.

As I found a new dress, I received a call at 7:00pm from David's Bridal stating that the two dresses that they showed in stock to replace my dress are not there and they are researching if they can send me a dress close to the quality of my dress. I would receive a call back tomorrow with the answer.


As I wait for an answer are pictures of the alterations that I paid for, that were not completed.


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