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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pinterest & Weddings

So really, what is it about weddings that make women go crazy? So, I must admit that I personally don't think that I have ever been this girly girl, into fashion and all of that crap. I mean sure, I like pretty things, I like fashion, but when it comes to gettin' my hair did, or finding something fashionable to wear, you can mount me on the wall of shame.

But you can ask Richie, I still have expensive taste.

Okay, but now back to the real point at hand. I am not engaged, I have no immediate plans (that I know of at least) to get married, but Pinterest as turned me into this psycho about weddings and cute things. It's sick. I keep envisioning this huge soiree and how awesome it is going to be. I can only imagine what Richie has to say or think about any of this, nor do I care, because this is my fictional dream wedding that will never be and will lead to some type of disappointment, probably ending up with me getting married at the courthouse and having my reception at the VFW.

On a side note, there is nothing wrong with having your wedding wherever and your reception at the VFW or Moose Lodge, or those Mason guys, or Elks, or whatever. I'm not just saying, that's not me. I would rather not serve my guests Old Style from a can. (Again, totally a joke). 

Oh, I probably offended someone. Really, I don't mean it like that, I just don't want a wedding like that. I mean isn't that what all little girls dream of? Granted I am a big girl now, but I still have that hope in the back of my head. This is rather amusing considering I am also a huge pessimist.

But really...what is it about weddings & Pinterest? I have all of these awesome things pinned on this wedding board and women (I'm assuming they are women), are flocking to them like pigs to a mud puddle on a hot summer day. Hilarious. This makes me envision some wedding, and all of these people getting married on the same day, or around the same day, and these weddings are similar to those fancy townhomes and houses in those gated communities, they all look the same, just the color is different. Hopefully when stumbling your way home from drinking, you find your house, and not your neighbor's though. I can imagine that would be rather awkward passing out drunk on a floor or couch that isn't your own.

I have noticed this a lot more lately though, I browse through Pinterest and it is likely that I will see the same thing pinned, and repinned, and re-repinned 4-5 times.

I guess it fills that void in our lives for desiring all of the things that we want, but probably will never have. One person's motivation serves to completely demoralize the majority of the rest of the population.


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