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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apparently The People on Pinterest Need a Bath

I haven't been on Pinterest much, mainly because there was a situation in where my missing cat was found, nearly dead, apparently hit by a car, in someone's yard that lived close by. Needless to say, there hasn't been much that I have wanted to do, as this was rather unexpected and I wasn't fully prepared to grasp the entirety of the situation. That even had made for a rather melancholy and unproductive weekend, which translates into, no Pinterest.

But today, this was my first day back, if you would like to call it that. I looked briefly, and found something that seemed rather interesting. What you ask? Some bath fizzies that are apparently very easy to make. So I happily clicked in deciding then, at that moment, I would like to make some bath fizzies.

But that is as far as I got.

However, I did decide to check my email, and instantly I received the "XYZ has repinned your pin on Pinterest" and so I clicked the email to see what exactly was repinned, and surprisingly, the bath fizzies are a huge hit. This has lead me to form a hypothesis:

The people of Pinterest need a bath.

But then I wonder, how many will actually proceed on following through with said pin? I am also willing to bet that a majority the the people who pinned it have these illusions of grandeur, like myself, and imagine relaxing in a nice bathtub, delighting in the joys of their homemade bath fizzies. 

I am not lying when I say that this is a brilliant idea, and I have pinned it for the sake of pinning it. Will I ever make these bath fizzies & delight in their fizz magic? Probably not. 

However, this has little to do with my motivation and desire to create something exciting. No, the refusal to create bath time fun comes from the fact that I hate my bathtub. It is tiny, uncomfortable, and there isn't enough leg room. Thus, my once pleasurable enjoyment of a warm bath has been overtaken by hot showers. I have had to learn a lot since being forced to convert, such as shave my legs. I have never been able to force myself to shave my legs in the shower, however facing the dilemma of having hairy legs made me rethink my position.

The boycott of said bathtub was decided upon finding myself suction cupped to the back of my bathtub. You see, instead of giving me a few extra inches of tub space, the idiot creator of my tub decided that they would create this decline, so you would be able to relax and lay back. Obviously in theory this is a wonderful idea, but not when you have to be a midget to enjoy the bathtub. 

So maybe when I win the lotto, build my awesomely fantastic farm home that will have a fantastic bathtub, I may be able to enjoy a bath. But it looks that after I age a little bit more and I develop the lunch that elderly women gradually get, I will be able to bust out the good ol' Pinterest and follow the directions for making said bath fizzies.


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