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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another DIY Valentine's Craft for the Home

Alright, here we go again. I had a wonderful idea of making a Valentine's Day mantle. Now, it wouldn't be a mantle just for Valentine's Day, but it would be used to decorate for all holidays. So of course, the next upcoming holiday is Valentine's Day, so this is what I decided to do.

It's rather easy, and I have some ideas to improve it, but here is the jist of it.

  • A picture frame. I personally used a black frame that I picked up at Walmart that was $3. It was an 8x10 frame that was matted to 5x7. Similar to this one here at Walmart.
  • The printed out Valentine's Day art. I got it at this wonderful site, The Bonjour Family
  • Some scrapbook paper that I purchased at Walmart for another crafty project.

So what I did was click on the color I wanted. I chose the white / transparent paper and I printed out the awesome artwork on my piece of scrap paper, and then I threw it in the frame. It looks a lot better in person.

I am thinking about going off and using that recipe for the homemade Mod Podge and taking some accessory scrapping paper and putting it over the white matted part. I think that would look pretty darn awesome.

But it is rather funny...I have some "artwork" to go on the mantle but I have yet to get a mantle. Yes, I like to do things backwards.


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