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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Cake Ball Experiment

So, here I sat the other day, repinning all of these awesome looking cake balls. I did some further research and looked at a few videos on YouTube to see how exactly these all went together and looked so wonderful. Hell, I even made these big plans on how I was going to make these cute owl cake balls for the Teacher Appreciation week at the kid's school and I would be the hero.

So at first, everything was going pretty well. The cake baking was no different than what I was used to. It cooled, I crumbled the cake, added some frosting, froze it. But what was to follow became my nightmare. You see, in the videos I watched this chick threw some chocolate chips in her microwave to melt them and coat the cake balls. Easy enough right? WRONG. The first one went okay, it melted, but obviously not enough because I had a mess. A mess on my hands, a mess on my clothes, the countertop, in the bowl. What a disaster.

Then I thought to myself, Carly, maybe you should make some more melted chocolate chips and then you'll have plenty to dip your balls in.


Instead I had some glob of globiness.

So for all of you out there who think that making cake balls is easy and nothing could possibly go wrong, think again. I followed those YouTube videos, read the instructions, and did all I was supposed to. I even bought one of those small ice cream scoopers to make perfect balls, you hear me, PERFECT BALLS? And they came out anything but perfect.

Of course I thought this was an appropriate situation to take out my camera. Richie just laughed away at me coming up with the Great Cake Ball Debacle of 2011.

Again, defeat came by way of Pinterest.
For your amusement, here is the pictures of the cake ball incident:


davidslacey said...

Carly, I found a few cake ball recipes on Pinterest, but I also found a Cake Ball/Donut Hole maker for 18$ at Kmart. The maker, is not that awesome. It's a huge mess and not worth my time. is an awesome website that walks you through the steps to make cake balls. Also, don't use chocolate chips, use candy quick or almond bark to cover them.

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