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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Me vs Cake Balls - Round 2

Well, after making a trip to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few "crafty things", I stumbled upon what I thought would make my life is a Wilton Chocolate Melter. I gave the finger to the microwave and decided that now I would be reveling in cake ball success and those owl cake balls will be within my reach and I will be the hero after all.

We shall see though. I am not sure when I will be tackling this cake ball fiasco again, as I really want to avoid creating the Great Cake Ball Debacle of 2012.

Of course I shall document this rematch with photos.

Oh, and if you were asking...this is the perfect I hope to obtain by teacher appreciation week...(whenever that is)

(And yes, I know that those are cupcakes, but making cake balls like that can't be that hard can it?)


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